Speaking for all kinds of audiences, big and small, Jorg has prepared information about his set-up and talk to make everything run smoothly.

Before the event

  • Jorg is happy to schedule a content preparation call to meet your expectations with his talk.
  • Jorg prepares his talks and will share a breakdown of the presentation. Because not every talk is the same, the final version of the slides will be shared after the event.
  • Talk with Jorg about the rehearsal of the talk, and a tech check. Let’s make this an amazing talk!

During the event

  • Jorg uses a  laptop running Powerpoint software. His computer has an HDMI connection. If the talk is running video, and it usually has, it is best practice to run the presentation from Jorg’s computer, as it is all set up with the correct files in place.
  • Jorg brings his own remote control that controls his slides. Should you provide this material, please let him know in advance so he can prepare.
  • Jorg’s presentation may not be recorded without prior notice.

After the event

  • If you have recorded Jorg’s presentation, please provide the copy so Jorg can use it for his own promotions. This will also be of benefit for your event, as it can be shared in Jorg’s network.
  • We are very happy to receive pictures of Jorg talking during the event.

Speaking Topics

Jorg is an expert keynote speaker on topics:

  • Future of retail
  • Retail has a permanent new face
  • Future of the consumer’: demographic shifts – or earthquakes
  • ‘Future of technology’: all things internet
  • ‘Future of the store’: experience has many meanings
  • The future of retail’: everyone a niche
  • ‘Future of the supermarket’
  • The Future of Food

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Captain of Retail, Jorg Snoeck, is an international speaker, founder of RetailDetail, and award-winning author of the book ‘The Future of Shopping’. With the latest news, trends and expertise in retail at his fingertips, Jorg is an excellent, energetic speaker inspiring leaders and everyone interested in retail from Hong Kong, to Cape Town, to all over the world.

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Interested in custom lectures and workshops? Please do not hesitate to enquire. Adjusted lectures on several topics are available as well, ranging from the Future of the Consumer to the Future of Logistics. Jorg can tailor his presentation to your specific needs and performs in Dutch or in English. Feel free to get in touch.



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  • info@jorgsnoeck.com

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