Captain of Retail, aka Jorg Snoeck, is the founder of RetailDetail, the leading communication and networking platform for all professionals in retail and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) in the Benelux. By sharing knowledge and inspiration, RetailDetail has grown to become a vital partner in the world of retailing.

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Retail Changes Rapidly

The world population is changing. In Europe, you can clearly see more a diverse and aging population. Welfare is growing. The poor-rich gap is getting bigger. Cities grow and rejuvenize.

Fear and uncertainty are present because of conflicts in the world. Trust in politics decreases. The shift of the economic power to up-and-coming economies continues.

Our climate is changing, and our planet cannot keep up with the demand for energy, food, and water. The current generation is more than ever aware of these changes. the new and connected consumer doesn’t want to compromise. He is a customer, a producer, and a retailer at the same time and he expects a radical change of our producing methods, distribution and consumption.


Knowledge is growing at a faster rate than ever before and technological breakthroughs follow each other at lightning speed. Almost anything is possible digitally.

Consumers want to know what they buy, where it comes from, and what the quality is, and they don’t want to accept any compromises. They search for easy solutions, instant satisfaction, functionality, and unique experience. We will never really know what the future looks like, but all these trends give direction to the choices we have to make right now. The new and always connected consumer is fast and he decides where, when and how he buys.

Lectures & Presentations

In his lectures and presentations, Jorg Snoeck sketches the many opportunities and possibilities for a flourishing retail landscape in the future in an inspirational way.

Everything is changing and the consumer is given an entire range of new choices when it comes to shopping. Obviously, this thoroughly affects every aspect of retailing, which can be seen both as a threat and an opportunity.

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The Future of Shopping, the book Jorg Snoeck instigated and co-authored, was recently awarded the title of ‘Management boek of the Year 2018’ in the Benelux and is already a bestseller.

Why did Mexx and many other perish? What is Amazon thinking and how can smaller retailer survive? In their award-winning book ‘The Future of Shopping: Where Everyone’s a Retailer’ Jorg Snoeck and co-author Pauline Neerman explain it all-in a bold, visionary and decisive manner.

The book is now available in Dutch, French and English. Coming soon: the Chinese edition.

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  • Lecture @ SuperNova Antwerp
  • Speaker @ Carrefour Together (Internal Event)
  • Speaker @ Amsterdam Produce Summit


Interested in custom lectures and workshops? Please do not hesitate to enquire. Adjusted lectures on several topics are available as well, ranging from the Future of the Consumer to the Future of Logistics. Jorg can tailor his presentation to your specific needs and performs in Dutch or in English. Feel free to get in touch.


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